Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Top 10 MAC Pigments

I love MAC pigments and I have quite a few in my collection! These are the swatches and descriptions of my top 10. Swatches are shown on NW15 skin.

(L to R) Melon, Jardin Aires, Tan, Mauvement, Mutiny

(L to R) Your Ladyship, Frozen White, Kitchmas, Pink Pearl, Violet

Melon: Soft bright golden peach
Jardin Aires: Tan with gold pearl
Tan: Muted bronzed pinky brown
Mauvement: Cool taupe with gold pearl
Mutiny: Clean sky blue with gold pearl
Your Ladyship: Creamy white with gold pearl
Frozen White: High frost white with blue duo chrome
Kitschmas: Light airy shimmering pink/ mauve pearl
Pink Pearl: Shimmery lavender pink
Violet: Vivid bright violet- purple

Pigments are amazing and much easier to apply than they look. I like to layer then over MAC's paint pots using the MAC 242 brush in a patting motion. Several of my favourite pigments where limited addition or discontinued but they may be found in CCO stores or re promoted in upcoming collections so look out for them!
Maz x

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