Monday, 23 May 2011

How to Clean Your Make up Brushes

It is really really important to wash your make up brushes regularly as they harbour dust, oils and bacteria. I have 2 ways to clean your brushes.

1. For a quick 'spot' clean -
If I want to give a certain brush a quick clean to remove make up from it so that I can use it straight away I pour a small amount of MAC's brush cleanser onto a paper towel and gently swirl the brush hairs in a circular motion into the solution. I then lay the brush flat and ideally, give it a good 10 minutes to dry before using it. I would recommend purchasing a small plastic spray pump bottle from the drug store to pour some of the brush cleanser into as the MAC bottle dispenses the liquid rather quickly and it can be easy to waste it.

2. For a thorough clean -
As I have mentioned before, it is very important to clean your face and eye brushes frequently. To do this thoroughly I begin by holding the brush downwards under warm running water. Please remember not to let any water get down into the brush as it can cause the ferrule (the metal part) to rust and/or break.
I then squirt a small amount of baby shampoo into the palm of my hand and swirl the brush hairs into it. I then gently massage the brush head in between 2 fingers.
After this I rinse the brush under the warm running water until the water runs clear, again, make sure that your brush is facing downwards.
Next gently squeeze the brush hairs to remove the excess water and re-shape. Then pat the hairs gently in a clean towel or cloth.
I then either lay the brushes flat on a folded towel with the brush heads hanging over the edge of the towel to enable then to dry or I use the Brush Guards which are great for cleaning, storage or travel!
When using the Brush Guard I apply the guard from the base of the brush and slide it up towards the brush head. Then place the brushes upside down in a mug/ container to dry.
I usually try to leave my brushes for around 24 hours to dry fully.

I hope this is useful!
Maz x

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