Thursday, 19 May 2011

I've been baking!

As you know my blog is called 'Make up and Things' so this post is definitely classed in the 'and things' category!
I have been doing a bit of a 'Nigella' recently and rediscovering my passion for baking (I studied food technology at GCSE and A-Level a few years back but haven't done all that much since then). It all began when I made a lemon drizzle cake for my mum's birthday back at the beginning of April and cherry cupcakes a few weeks ago for my grandad's birthday and I am continuing to try out different recipe's that I have found on the Internet. (Nothing too complex though)! so despite this mainly being a make up and nail polish based blog I thought that I would share the fruits of my labour with you all!
So my latest culinary triumph (insert laughter) is a coconut and blueberry cake. This is basically just a coconut sponge with a blueberry and mascarpone cheese topping. For anyone that wants to give this cake a go you can find the recipe here -

Maz x
P.S Your kitchen will smell incredible when the sponge is baking!

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