Monday, 8 August 2011

Top 5 NARS Products

Hi Guys
This is the third post in my series of top 5 picks from various beauty brands. This post focuses on NARS. I really like NARS as a brand but it is very expensive. I like to save up for their items as a treat, this post provides you with, what I feel, are their best products to splurge out on.

1. Bronzer
The NARS Laguna Bronzer is a cult classic beauty product and it is, by far, the best bronzer that I have ever tried. I have several bronzers from various brands and this is the only one that I use. I have a fair skin tone (MAC NW20-25) and this works really well on me. I have also used it on my mum, who has a lighter tone than me, and also on my best friend who is slightly darker toned than me and it really works. It goes on fairly sheer so it is ideal to build up. It has a subtle shimmer and really warms up your skin without making you look like you are actually wearing bronzer.
2. Lipgloss
NARS offers a large range of lip gloss colours that are all top quality, with new colours coming out all of the time. My favourite is their Turkish Delight gloss which is one of Kim Kardashian's favourites. I also like that they offer lip glosses to match some of their blushes such as Orgasm and Angelika which gives your face a brilliant look.
3. Blush
NARS blushes are so famous in the beauty industry and especially their infamous Orgasm blush which is the perfect peachy-pink shade. All of the blushes are superb quality and come in lots of different colours for you to try. They offer a great mix of bold shades and some more subtle ones. They all apply smoothly and blend out really well. My favourites are Orgasm which is a peach-pink with gold shimmer, Deep Throat which is a truer coral  and Angelika which is a bubblegum pink shot through with silver shimmer.
4. Highlighting Powder
The NARS Albatross highlighting powder is one of my favourite beauty products that I find works really well on many different skin tones. I like that it is a pressed powder which is easier to use than  a cream or loose powder especially if you are new to highlighting your cheek bones as product placement is much easier. NARS now offer highlighting and blush duos which are a great way of trying out the 2 products.
5. The Multiples
The NARS Multiples are an amazing product. They are a cream stick that come in lot's of different colours and can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips. My favourites are Orgasm which I use on my cheeks by swirling some on to my apples and blending out with my fingers and Copacabana which makes a fantastic cheek highlighter (This looks great with Albatross dusted over the top of it). The Multiples are expensive but you do get a lot of product for your money.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my favourite NARS products.
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