Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Favourite/ Most Worn Jewellery

Hi Everyone!
I thought that it would be fun to share my favourite and most worn items of jewellery with you. I love to read about other people's favourite jewellery on their blogs so I hope that you enjoy this!

(L to R) Gucci Watch, Toywatch
Toywatch Amethyst Fluo Watch: I wear my Toywatch so much! It fits me so well and I love how it looks! I'd buy about 10 more in lots of different colours if I could!
Gucci Watch: This watch was a gift for my 18th birthday, I think it is so feminine and it means so much to me.

(L to R) Forever 21 Earrings, Chanel Earrings, M & S Earrings

Chanel Earrings: I don't know where to start with these earrings! I wanted them sooooo much! I saved up for them and finally bought them around 2 years ago, I think they were around £160. I don't wear them all that much because I'm so scared of them falling out! I just need the Chanel 2.55 bag to match now!
Silver Hoops: I love any kind of hoop earring. I purchased these from Marks & Spencer around a year and a half ago and they look great and are really light-weight.
Forever 21 Hoops: These are my favourite earring to wear on a night out, they are so sparkly! They were the first item that I purchased from Forever 21 and I'm totally hooked now thanks to these earrings!

Thomas Sabo Bracelet: I really love this bracelet and I have a post dedicated to it so click here to check it out!

(L to R) 'M' Necklace, Black Crystal Bangle

Sparkling Black Crystal Bangle: I purchased this bangle from What's About Town it is supper sparkly and eye catching. I love to wear it on nights out! I've heard that Cheryl Cole really likes these bracelets too. They are available in lots of different colours.
M Necklace: This is a really old pendant from Mikey Jewellery that I have had forever and I have had to have stones put back in it when they have fallen out. I think it's on it's third chain now but I love it so much! I like initial pendants a lot but I have never found an M that I like as much as this one!

(L to R) Amethyst Ring, Flower Ring, Gold & Diamond Ring

Gold & Diamond Ring: This ring was a gift from my family for my 21st birthday. I tend to wear it on special occasions!
Amethyst Silver Ring: This ring was from a shop in Liverpool and unfortunately isn't real! I would love to have a real version of it one day!
Flower Ring: This was a cheap cocktail ring from Dorothy Perkins last year. I always wear it on my middle finger and I really like how much it sparkles, it always gets lots of comments!

Layered Chain Necklace: This is my favourite long necklace and I really love how the 3 chains hang. I also think that the circles make it a bit unusual. It was from Forever 21 a couple of months ago.

So they are my favourite items of jewellery that I wear the most! As you can see, I love a mixture of high-end and more affordable pieces. I would really love another Toywatch and a Tiffany & Co Necklace to add to my collection (I'd better start saving or begging!)
See you soon!
Maz x


  1. Love the jewelry, esp the gucci watch! i keep buying watches but never use them. >.<

  2. @D.Sadie Thanks its the pride and joy of my jewllery box! I love watches too!



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