Monday, 6 June 2011

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

I thought that I would share probably my favourite item of jewellery with you - my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. My best friend and I decided to buy a charm carrier bracelet a couple of years ago and build up our charms through birthday and Christmas presents! I think that this is such a great idea and it means that you are never stuck for a gift idea!

The charms themselves are quite expensive but if you add to the bracelet slowly over the years it isn't too bad! I think that the bracelet is so pretty! I currently have 9 charms and would like 1 more! I also like that you can keep buying the charms and change them around a bit to create a whole new effect!

Dollar Sign: I purchased 3 charms when I first bought my bracelet and this was one of them. I choose the dollar sign because I love America and am desperate to travel around it!
Black Horn: This is one of my oldest charms, not really sure why I got it, I just like the shape I suppose!
Horse Shoe: This was a gift from my best friend for Christmas 2009 and I presume she bought it because I love horses and to bring me some luck!

Rodeo Horse: This was a gift from my grandparents for Christmas 2010, they purchased it because it looks a little bit like my horse!
Red Rose: This is my most recent purchase, I bought it for myself last year because I loved it and wanted to add a little more colour to the bracelet.
Silver Bow: I love bows and snapped this up as soon as I saw it!

Black Mask: This was one of the first charms that I got and I chose it because I loved it straight away!
June 'Alexandrite' Charm: This was a gift from my mum for my birthday in 2009. My birthday is in June and I love purple so this is a winner for me!
Letter T: I purchased this to represent my horse who's name begins with the letter T. It is also available with Cubic Zirconia which I would love to get!

I hope you enjoyed a look at my charm bracelet!
Maz x


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