Friday, 3 June 2011

MAC Summer Stash; Crushed Metallic Pigment

Hi Guys!
MAC's Surf Baby collection was recently released in the UK and I picked out one of the crushed pigment stacks in Summer Stash. They have also released another crushed pigment set in Surf the Ocean. As Summer Stash contains more pink and purple colours I opted for that one! I have never tried crushed pigments before and they are slightly different to regular pigments. The powder is much chunkier and almost forms tiny balls. The easiest way to apply it is to pick a small amount up on a brush (I have found the MAC 239 is the best one to use) and crush the pigment against the side of the jar, then pat onto the eyelid over a paint pot or eyeshadow primer. Due to the consistency of the product you will get a fair bit of fall-out so I would recommend doing your under eye makeup after you have completed your eye makeup.
So on with the swatches and the official colour descriptions. (Swatches shown on NW15 skin).

(L to R) Pearl, Peachy, Pink, Old Wine

Peachy: Light pink champagne
Pearl: Light white pearl
Pink: Light violet with silver pearl
Old Wine: Brown bronze with gold pearl

I am really impressed with all 4 of the pigments. They all have brilliant colour pay off and go onto the skin as they look in the jar. The colours are very metallic which doesn't show up too well in the picture. Peachy and Pearl are both beautiful, delicate colours that would make great inner corner colours and highlighters. Pink is my favourite of the stash and reminds me of Heritage Rouge pigment which has been discontinued. Old Wine is a classic bronzey-brown shade that you can't go wrong with and is a little like Twinks pressed eyeshadow.
Overall I think that this set is a great addition to your collection. Pigments are great to have as they last ages! These crushed pigments do take a little more effort than regular pigments to apply but with practice they will be fine and worth it as the extra metallic element is stunning.
I would award these pigments 4 and a half stars out of 5!
Maz x

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