Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cheetalicious Pink Nail Wraps

Hi Everyone!

Today's nails of the week are Cheetalicious Pink Nail Wraps from Trendy. I picked these up from Sally Beauty Supplies for £7.49. I have never tried nail wraps before and I thought I'd give them a go. I have my birthday night out at the weekend so I may put some more on for that!
Nail wraps/ Stickers are a relatively new product on the market but seem to be pretty popular already. Other brands such as OPI, Nails Inc and Sally Hanson also produce versions of these nail stickers.
How to apply:
I read the instructions on the back of the pack and also watched several YouTube tutorials before I applied these.
1. First push your cuticles back using an orange stick and shape your free edge.
2. Ensure that your nail plate is clean.
3. Select the wrap that suits the size of your nail the best and roll the sheet until half of the wrap is free from the paper then use nail scissors to cut the wrap in half.
4. Heat the adhesive side for 2-5 seconds with a hairdryer.
5. Apply the wrap to the nail bed leaving a small gap between the end of the wrap and your cuticle.
6. Press the wrap down onto the nail firmly starting from the base of the nail and smooth upwards towards the nail tip. Ensure that you smooth out any air bubbles.
7. Trim the free edge and file the end of the wrap to remove the excess and shape.
8. You can also apply some nail glue to the sides of the wrap but I didn't!

Overall Impressions:
I absolutely love these wraps! They look amazing! The actual application of the wrap was easy but the removal of the excess was pretty tricky. You need to be quite heavy handed with the filing and you need to take your time when shaping the end of your nail as they can be a bit rough and snag a little. It took me around 30 minutes to complete all 10 of my finger nails which is probably the same amount of time it takes me to paint them and allow them to dry.
I think that these are a great idea for a special occasion due to the cost. I will definitely be buying some more and can't wait to try out other designs!

*I will update this post within the next week to let you know how long they stayed on for!*
5 stars out of 5 from me!
Maz x

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