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90210: The Third Season

Hi Everyone!
Please note: Do not read this if you have not watched the 90210 Season 3 finale. (Spoilers Included).
Well I seem to have started a trend of writing about my favourite TV shows (I have already done The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl!) so I thought that I would continue that with a short post about another program that I love, 90210.
I can just about remember the first 90210 way back in the 90s but this post will, obviously, be about the latest show! Season 3 has just finished here in the UK and I was a little disappointed with the finale. I think that GG and TVD had such amazing finales that the 90210 finale seemed like a little bit of an anti climax in comparison. That said it was good! I love the Ivy-Raj storyline! The wedding was amazing and her makeup was gorgeous! She should wear it like that more often! Her lipstick reminded me of MAC's Viva Glam 1. I really wish Raj wasn't dying though, it's so sad.
I am really glad that it has come out about Adrianna's pill swapping. It frustrates me so much when something like that is happening in a show and no one has worked it out! (It's not real life - I know!) Silver is my favourite character in the show and I really hope that she gets a second chance to go to the college of her choice.
The Naomi-Max storyline is so sweet if a little unbelievable! She (similarly to Blair in GG) is pregnant! I can't imagine her with a baby, it would be a little like her sister Jen with a baby - not good! Can't wait to see how that plays out next season.
Season 4 returns in September/ October 2011 in the US but we here in the UK are always a few months behind so maybe January 2012 at a guess. Apparently season 4 will focus on the characters going off to college so the characters of Ryan and Debbie will not be included which is a bit of a shame in my opinion.
You can pre order the Season 3 box set from Amazon here - 90210: The Third Season in the US and from Amazon UK.
Maz x

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