Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sigma Beauty Bare Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to share this eyeshadow palette with you all! It is a brand new product from Sigma that was launched both here in the UK and in the US last Friday (24 June 2011) and it is the Bare Eyeshadow Palette. Sigma has released 3 new palettes including this one. The other two palettes are called Dare and Flare.

The Bare palette contains 8 neutral eyeshadows which all work really well together and a double ended brush. The palette comes in a sleeve which slides off to reveal the palette which is made from really strong cardboard. The palette has a magnetic, snap shut closing, similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette and has a handy mirror on the inside of the lid and a compartment below the shadows for the brush that is included. The shadows are all really nicely pigmented and there is a good selection of shimmery and more matte shades. The shadows are great quality and apply and blend really well. Here are the swatches of the shadows shown on NW20 skin.
(L to R) Shine, Control, Snoop, Hitch, Act, Command, Elope, Approach
Shine: Shine is a highly pigmented black with silver sparkles. I really like this shade as a change from the regular black and I did not have any problems with any fall out as the glitter is not too chunky.
Control: This is a standard black shade with great colour pay off which makes it great to darken up the outer v area or to use as an eyeliner.
Snoop: Snoop is a cool-toned greyish brown colour which is a great colour to use when creating a smokey grey eye.
Hitch: Hitch is a matte chocolate brown which is perfect for an all over lid colour for a more dramatic look or as a crease colour.
Act: Act is a frosty medium brown shade which would also make a great all over lid colour.
Command: This is a beautiful bright golden colour which is similar to Half Baked from Urban Decay's Naked Palette. This would look great applied under the lower lash line for a pop of colour as well as an all over lid colour. This is my favourite shadow from the palette.
Elope: Elope is a pink-toned pale colour which would make a great inner corner colour or brow highlight.
Approach: Approach is similar to Elope but more creamy coloured. It would also make a great inner corner colour or brow highlight. This colour would also blend out any harsh eyeshadow lines really well too.

Each of the 3 new palettes comes with it's own double ended brush and this palette comes with the E30 which is a pencil brush and the E25 blending brush. I was amazed at the quality of these brushes as the brushes that usually come with eyeshadow palettes don't tend to be as good a quality as a brand's mainline brushes.
Overall I think that this palette is amazing and I highly recommend purchasing it. The shadows and the palette itself are really good quality and you won't be disappointed. I imagine that this will be the most popular of the 3 palettes as it contains the neutral shades so buy it quickly!
I purchased my palette for £29.95 from Cocktail Cosmetics you can purchase these palettes from the official Sigma site in the US bly clicking here
Check out my review of the Sigma Flare Eye Shadow Palette by clicking here!
For more pictures of the palette please click in the video below.
Maz x


  1. Thanks for the helpful review! It's reassuring. I've ordered it over the site (I live in australia and don't have access to places that would stock sigma products), and I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail. After purchasing the urban decay naked palette, I felt I needed a more cool-toned/matte palette - and thought that the Bare palette would do the trick, esp with the affordable price, but ever since I ordered it, I started having doubts on whether it is too similar to the Naked. What is your take in its comparison with the Naked palette? Do you think I made the right choice in terms of searching for a more cool-toned matte based pallete?

  2. Hi Emily,
    I also own the Naked Palette and have found that some of the colours on the Sigma palette such as Command, Snoop and Act are quite similar to some of the UD shades, however, I do not think that the Bare palette is a dupe. I think that you not regret purchasing it as the shadows have amazing colour pay-off and I think that you will especially like Snoop as it is a lovely cool-toned shade.
    I hope that you enjoy the palette and thanks for reading my blog!
    Maz x



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