Sunday, 19 June 2011

NYX Smokey Look Collection - Review & Swatches

Hi Everyone!
I am super excited to share this product with you, it is the Smokey Look Collection from NYX Cosmetics. I purchased this from NYX UK for £19.95 (Free p&p is currently available). I am sure that many of you are familiar with NYX's smokey look kits that contain 9 eyeshadow shades with 2 lip colours (see my review of the NYX Nude on Nude Look Kit) and this kit combines all 4 of these kits, Nude on Nude, Purple, Bronze and Smokey so you have every eyeshadow colour that you need to create the perfect smokey eye.
As well as tons of eyeshadows the kit contains 3 blushes, 2 bronzers, a highlighter, 4 concealers, 12 glitter creams, a black pencil eyeliner and loads of lip colours. This palette is such amazing value as all of the products, especially the eyeshadows are such good quality.
Here are the swatches of the eyeshadow colours (shown on NW20 skin) I swatched each set of 8 colours from top to bottom. (I did not swatch the quads at the top if the eyeshadow section).

As you can see, some of the colours are much more pigmented than others and a lot of colours come off very similar to one another! I think that there are some real gems in the set, in particular from the third set along which includes the golden colours, if you like MAC eyeshadows such as Woodwinked and Amber Lights you will like this. I think that for the money the shadows are great.
Here are the swatches of the bronzer, highlighter, contour powder and blushes,
I was shocked at the quality and pigmentation of the blushes! They are really great. They are all pink shades so if you prefer more coral coloured blushes you will be disappointed, however, as far as blushes that usually come in sets like this, these are amazing!
The bronzer is a lovely shade of brown and doesn't contain too much shimmer which is great. The highlighter also does not contain any shimmer or glitter but doesn't show up too well on my skin, I am quite pale though! The contour powder is very pigmented but would be far too dark to use on my skin tone (NW20).
I began to swatch the lip colours but their colour pay-off is really poor. I can't imagine that I will be using them to be honest! The glitter creams are really hard to swatch due to their gritty texture but I can have a try at swatching them if you would like! I have recently posted an article about one of NYX's Glitter Cream Palettes so check that out if you require more information on how to apply them! The concealers that are included in the kit are pretty standard colours. The eyeliner that is included is a short black pencil.
Overall this kit is amazing value for money and makes a really useful addition to your collection. Some of the products are a bit hit and miss. As I mentioned I really like the golden coloured shadows and the blushes. The lip colours are a bit disappointing.
For more pictures of the kit please watch the video below.
Overall 4 out of 5 stars from me!
Maz x

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  1. Those are AWESOME colors. I love NYX! :D



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