Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Top 5 NYX Blushes

Nyx Powder Blush- Peach (Pbo6)
Hi Everyone!
I am a huge fan of NYX cosmetics and in particular their blushes. There is a huge range of colours available that are super affordable (around £7.95 each in the UK). I find that the powders are really nicely pigmented and are silky smooth to blend into your skin.
Here are my top 5 NYX blushes (swatches shown on NW20 skin).
(L to R) Peach, Angel, Silky Rose, Pinky, Taupe

1. Peach: This is a highly pigmented peachy-pink blush.
2. Angel: Angel is a classic sheer pink blush colour.
3. Silky Rose: I find Silky Rose to be quite similar to Angel but slightly browner.
4. Pinky: This is a bright dolly-pink that reminds me a little of MAC's Dollymix.
5. Taupe: I use Taupe as a contouring powder and it works amazingly well! (I have NW20 skin).

Let me know what your favourite NYX blushes are!
NYX blushes are available to buy from NYX
Maz x

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