Monday, 16 May 2011

Nails Inc Lucky Dip


Well I was looking through my emails on Friday morning and I came across a message from Nails Inc offering 6 full size nail polishes for £15! Obviously this caught my eye so I headed over to their website and discovered that the offer was a lucky dip! I promptly ordered them and this is what arrived 3 days later!

(L to R) Spring Mews, Blenhelm Terrace, Maple Street, Garrick Street, Villiers Street, Culford Gardens

So I usually only buy OPI and Essie nail polishes but I simply could not resist this offer! As Nails Inc polishes usually retail for around £11 I thought as long as I like at least 2 of the shades then I was quids in!
Spring Mews is a mint green shade from their ice cream collection. It's not my usual type of colour but maybe I could be persuaded to give it a go over the summer! Blenhelm Terrace is a shimmery pale pink that is the type of colour that we all have in our collections and one more certainly doesn't hurt! Maple Street is a chocolate brown with a golden shimmer which is similar to a limited addition Nails Inc and Magnum polish that I bought a couple of years ago. Garrick Street is right up my street! It is a dark metallic purple-blue colour that is absolutly gorgeous and definately my favourite from the pack! Villiers Street is another metallic shade in red, as I love metallic shades I am grateful to add this one to my collection. And finally I received Culford Gardens which is a lovely metallic golden colour, I was so pleased to see this when I opened up the box as I have wanted a colour like this for so long!
Overall I think that this lucky dip offer is a fantastic idea and a great way to top up your collection for only £15. This would be a great gift or stocking filler at christmas. I am not sure how often Nails Inc do the lucky dip offer but I will definately be keeping my eye out for one again!

I also decided to buy this full price polish with my lucky dip order -

Please don't judge my photography skills because this was so hard to photograph, I presume due to the glitter!

This polish is called Bloomsbury Square and is from Nails Inc's new 3D glitter range. I am a sucker for a glitter nail polish and my favourite colour is purple so I have high hopes for this nail varnish! I have bought glitter polishes from other brands such as OPI and China Glaze before but this is my first from Nails Inc. I have been disappointed with glitter polishes before as I find if they are applied alone (even with a good base and top coat) they often peel off quite quickly. I have only had sucess with them when I have layered them over a solid base colour such as a white or black. I will try and give this polish a decent review soon!

Maz xx

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  1. Wow you received a lovely selection from Nails Inc -woop woop!!



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