Thursday, 19 May 2011

Skechers Shape Ups

I love walking and needed some new trainers. after seeing the Skechers TV adverts for the Shape Ups with Kim Kardashian (love her)! I was sold! I chose the Skechers Shape Ups Toners Ultra in grey and pink which where £70 from 
I think that they are really nice trainers and the pink is almost neon which is very eye catching. They are quite wide fitting and I feel that the sizing is fairly generous. I had read various reviews of the trainers saying that the sizes came up on the small side but it doesn't seem like that to me! I have a spinal problem so comfortable trainers to walk in are essential for me. Skechers claim that they can improve posture and enhance you core strength muscles, which would obviously be of huge benefit to me, so here's hoping! I have to say that I am quite skeptical about all of the benefits that the Shape Ups are said to give but I could definitely notice a difference in how my leg muscles felt when arriving home after my usual morning walk. The trainers are comfortable and didn't rub my feet at all (I have big problems with this - I must have sensitive feet)! When you first walk in them they do feel a little wobbly and strange because of the 'Kinetic Toning Pods' on the soles!
They claim to improve your balance and I feel that they may well do as you have to make sure that you put your feet down evenly. As a person with a back problem making sure that I am walking evenly and not favouring one side over the other is really important and these trainers definitely encourage this. I also feel that they encourage you to roll your feet as you walk, despite having quite a high in-step I do tend to walk quite flat-footed so I'm glad to correct that!
Overall I feel that these trainers are great and just what I was looking for. Will all of the amazing claims of better sculpted and toned muscles and improved core strength actually materialize? Who knows but it's got to be worth a try!

Maz x

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