Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Too Faced Bronzer's Series - Part 3 - Sun Bunny

Too Faced Caribbean Compact - Sun Bunny (15740)
Hi Everyone!
This is my third and final post in my series of 3 reviews of Too Faced Bronzers. Today's post is a swatch and review of the Sun Bunny Bronzer which is one of the brands best selling products. This bronzer is made up of two shades of brown that Too Faced describe as Deep Bronze and Golden Bronze. As you look at the compact the colour on the left looks much lighter than the colour on the right, however, I did not find this when I swatched the Product!
Here is the swatch of the bronzer shown on NW20 skin. I swatched both sides individually and then swatched the 2 sides blended together.

Sun Bunny contains a lot more shimmer than the previous TF bronzers that I have reviewed, so stay clear if you prefer matte powders. I found the right hand side of this bronzer to be quite orangey and not all that flattering but the lighter side, when used alone, is much nicer. This may be more suited to darker skin tones but it certainly isn't for me. Overall I am a little disapointed. After review the 3 bronzers I would say that Snow Bunny has to be my pick of the bunch!
I purchased this bronzer from Look Fantastic for £17.60. You can also purchase it from the official Too Faced website for $29.
I hope that you enjoyed my Too Faced bronzer mini series. Please check out my other 2 posts in the series if you haven't already! Click here to read my review of the Pink Leopard bronzer and here to read about the Snow Bunny bronzer. I hope that you have found this series of posts interesting and useful.
Maz x

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