Monday, 7 November 2011

Kiehl's Ultimate Stength Hand Salve - Review

Hi Everyone!
I thought that I would put a quick blog post together for you about my favourite hand cream now that the colder weather is unfortunately approaching! I get very dry hands as I suffer a little from eczema and I also have a horse which means that I am outdoors in some seriously harsh weather in the depths of winter so I need a really good handcream! I really like my Vaseline Hand Cream as an every day cream but I like to use a more heavy duty moisturiser once or twice a week and I have found that Kiehl's Hand Salve is incredible! I apply a generous amount of it onto my hands before I go to bed and then wear manicure gloves over night. This gives your hands a really deep moisturising over night and you wake up with super soft skin!
Kiehl's claim that this hand salve provides you with a 'glove-like' protection barrier against moisture loss, the salve is really thick and really coats your skin which is why I wouldn't really recommend applying it in a morning as you won't be able to grip anything! Also I feel that it is better suited to being a once or twice a week treat due to the high price, but don't be put off by that as I think that it is worth it and the best luxury hand cream on the market and I have tried quite a few! It contains Avocado oil, Vitamin A, D, E, Potassium and Sesame Oil  and has a really interesting and unique smell.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a heavy duty hand cream for the winter. You can purchase Kiehl's products from John Lewis and House of Fraser here in the UK as well as the official Kiehl's website. The hand salve is priced at £14 for a 75ml tube and £19 for a 150ml tube.
Maz x

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  1. I've tried this and it worked a treat! :) though I wasn't a big fan of the smell xxx



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