Friday, 18 November 2011

Lush Haul

Hi Everyone!
I have picked up a few things from Lush over the last couple of weeks and thought that I'd share them with you all! The goodies that I have bought are from 2 separate trips to Lush and some items are from the new Christmas collection! Here's what I got!

Hottie Massage Bar
This is the first massage bar that I have purchased and I was drawn to it as I have had back problems for a very long time now and as anyone who is in constant pain will know, you will try anything once to relieve it! The bar contains ginger and peppermint oils which have a lovely warming affect on your body which makes it perfect for these cold month's. It also contains cocoa and Shea butters which have a moisturising effect. I have used this bar once, so far, and I loved it. My muscles are so sore and I really felt that it made a difference to them. I also really liked the smell! This is a definite re purchase for me!

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub
This stone is used to remove any dead skin cells from your feet and also contains deodorising and antiseptic properties which is great. I found that this stone is very crumbly and is easily ruined. The best way to use it is to carefully break a chunk off at time and do not get the whole thing wet. The stone works really well and has an overpowering lemon smell which I liked, but may not be for everyone. Overall, I like it as it works so well but its tendency to fall apart is such a big shame.

Buffy Body Butter
I was recommended this item by the salesperson and thought that I'd give it a try. The idea of it is that it is used on wet skin to remove dead skin cells and also leaves behind a layer of moisture. For me I felt it was a little hard and too harsh but I liked the layer of moisture that it leaves behind as it means that you don't need to apply a separate moisturiser when you get out of the bath/ shower.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This is the first of the Christmas items that I picked up and I am in love with it! It smells absolutely amazing and reminds me of candy floss and bubblegum. It is apparently Lush's number 1 Christmas bestseller and I am gutted that it is limited edition though and I may have to stock up!

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
I was so drawn to the shower jellies in the store as I have never seen anything quite like them! Sweetie pie was the one that I was immediately attracted to as I love the colour purple and the smell is amazing, it kind of reminds me of some blackcurrant sweets that my grandma used to buy me when I was little! The smell is also very similar to the Comforter Bubble Bar which is a product that I have repurchased several times over the years. The jelly contains cherries and coconut which are 2 of my favourite smells and also has sparkly bits in it which you may be able to pick up in the picture above.

Tea Tree Toner Tabs
I have never used Lush's Toner Tabs before but I thought that I'd give them a go after seeing a couple of positive reviews of them on YouTube. The Tea Tree Tabs are designed for oily and spot prone skin. You place the tabs in a bowl of hot water, they then fizz and let off a steam. You place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl. Sounds like fun! I haven't tried these yet but if I really like them I write a proper review of them at a later date!

Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb
I loved the look of this bath bomb as it looks like a Christmas pudding! It smells like marzipan which is such an amazing smell, especially for this time of year and also works to calm and sooth your skin.
Snowcake Soap
(This soap was purchased as part of a gift set which is why it is in the shape of a star)
I love Lush soaps and this Christmas soap also smells of marzipan so goes brilliantly with the bath bomb above.

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
How cute is this little guy? This is the first bath melt that I have tried from Lush and I couldn't resist him when I saw him! He smells just like the Snowcake soap so another winner if you are a fan of the smell of marzipan! He also softens the water and moisturizes you skin. I am going to break him into 2 pieces to make him last longer!
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
I was drawn to this bath bomb after seeing a video of it on YouTube! It changes colour from gold to yellow and then blue when in the water and also contains stars that spill out of it as it fizzes! It also has a great smell and is the ultimate treat!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
I am a big fan of face masks and use one every week but this is the first fresh one that I have tried. I chose this one as it is suitable for oily, spot prone skin which I, unfortunately, have! It smells of chocolate and vanilla which is gorgeous! The mask contains Linseed to nourish the skin, mint to tone the skin, cocoa butter to moisturise it and rhassoul mud to give it a deep clean. The masks are kept in the fridge which gives it a lovely cooling sensation when applied. I have tried this mask once so far and I have to say that my skin looks much clearer the next morning. A big thumbs up from me!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave any Lush recommendations in the comments section below.
You can purchase all of the products mentioned above from Lush online and at their stores.
Maz x

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