Thursday, 3 November 2011

Inglot Purple, Pink & Red Freedom Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

Hi Everyone!
I am continuing on with my Inglot obsession today with my new 20 pan Freedom Palette. I chose a mixture of pink, purple and red eyeshadows for this palette. Inglot is a great brand that offers top quality eyeshadows at affordable prices. The colour selection, pigmentation and payoff is amazing. The shadows are really creamy and apply to the skin so well and blend easily. The Freedom system allows you to pick an empty palette of your chosen size and customise it with your favourite colours. I love to use pinks and purples on my eyes so I selected 20 shadows that fit into that category ranging from light and bright pinks to classic purples and more blue- based purples, plums and some red colours.

Here are some close up pictures of the shadows for you followed by their descriptions:

Top Row (L to R) 352,29,361 Bottom Row 449, 495, 50

Top Row (L to R) 361, 362, 48 Bottom Row 50, 66, 441

Top Row (L to R) 429, 68, 388 Bottom Row 439, 375, 74

Top Row (L to R) 388, 379, 491 Bottom Row 74, 40, 73

352 Matte: Pale Light Pinky- Cream
29 AMC Shine: Pale Lavender
361 Matte: Peachy- Pink
362 Matte: Bubblegum Pink
48 AMC Shine: Pinky- Plum
449 Pearl: Hot Pink with Pearl
495 DS: Watermelon Red with Gold Shimmer
50 AMC: Medium Pink
66 AMC: Medium Purple with Sparkle
441 Pearl: Purple Duochrome
429 Pearl: Icy Lavender
68 AMC: Blue-Violet
388 Matte: Deep Violet
379 Matte: Medium Purple
491 DS: Royal Purple with Shimmer
439 Pearl: Violet with Blue Pearl
375 Matte: Deep Redy- Purple
74 AMC: Redy- Purple
40 AMC: Plum Berry with Silver Sparkle
73 AMC: Bright Purple with Silver Glitter
(Please note that these are not the official descriptions for the colours).

Here are the swatches of the shadows for you shown on NW20 skin:

(L to R) 352, 29, 361, 362, 48

(L to R) 449, 495, 50, 66, 441

(L to R) 429, 68, 388, 379, 491

(L to R) 439, 375, 74, 40, 73

As you can see the colour payoff for all of the colours are amazing. I am so pleased that Inglot now have a UK website and I can't wait to try more!
The individual eyeshadows cost £4.50 each and the empty 20 pan eyeshadow palette cost £12 each. I purchased them from the official Inglot website.
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Maz x

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