Sunday, 13 November 2011

Inglot Neutral/ Browns & Golds Freedom Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

Hi Everyone!
Regular readers of my blog will, no doubt, be fully aware of my Inglot obsession by now! Today I would like to share my 20 pan Neutral Freedom eyeshadow palette with you all. I originally purchased 10 neutral shades but loved the range so much that I order a 20 pan palette plus another 10 colours, so if you have read my previous Inglot neutral palette post you will have already seen 10 of these shades!
For those of you who are not familiar with Inglot, it is a great cosmetic brand that offer amazing quality products at really reasonable prices. The freedom system allows you to create your own eyeshadow, blush, lip colour and concealer palettes with products of your choice.
Here are close up pictures of my 20 neutral shades followed by their descriptions.

Top Row (L to R) 453, 352, 467 Bottom Row 390, 501, 405

Top Row (L to R) 467, 07, 45 Bottom Row 405, 15, 464

Top Row (L to R) 403, 404, 460 Bottom Row 37, 457, 52

Top Row (L to R) 460, 363, 54 Bottom Row 52, 465, 459

453 Pearl: Shimmery White
352 Matte: Cream
467 DS: Shimmering Peach
07 AMC Shine: Golden Bronze
45 AMC Shine: Shimmery White - Gold
390 Matte: Pale Taupe
501 DS: Soft Brown
405 Pearl: Coppery- Gold
15 AMC Shine: Orange/ Coral with Golden Shimmer
464 DS: Soft Red Brown
403 Pearl: Yellow Gold
404 Pearl: Copper
460 DS: Plummy brown with Silver Sparkle
363 Matte: Cool Brown
54 AMC: Medium Reddish Brown
37 AMC Shine: Medium - Dark Brown with Shimmer
457 DS: Dark Brown with Bronze Shimmer
52 AMC: Light Brown with Gold Glitter
465 DS: Dark Brown with Sparkle
459 DS: Cool Brown with Silver Glitter
(Please note that these are not the official descriptions for the colours).

Eyeshadow swatches shown on NW20 skin:

(L to R) 453, 352, 467, 07, 45

(L to R) 390, 501, 405, 15, 464

(L to R) 403, 404, 460, 363, 54

(L to R) 37, 457, 52, 465, 459

You can purchase the empty 20 pan palette for £12 and the individual eyeshadows for £4.50 each from the official Inglot website.
Check out my 20 pan purple, pink and red Inglot Freedom palette by clicking here.
Maz x


  1. I love the last set of swatches the most, thanks for doing a review I was umming and arhing about getting some inglot makeup as Ive yet to try it - Have to say Im much more eager now!

  2. @british girl in norway: No problem!It is so annoying that they don't have better swatches or colour descriptions on their website! Hope you enjoy your eyeshadows! x



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