Monday, 19 September 2011

What's In My Bag/ Purse?

Hi Everyone!
I have seen so many beauty blogger's and YouTube guru's posting 'What's in my bag' posts and videos and really enjoyed them so I thought that I would join in and share the contents of my handbag with you all. I hope that you find this interesting!

Juicy Couture Daydreamer Handbag: This is my favourite bag and is probably the bag I carry around with me the most. It is a great size and has compartments in side to store things plus a mirror. I purchased this from ASOS last year and have been really pleased with it. The only downside to it is that it is pretty heavy but that is often the case with larger bags!

Pretty Little Liars Book by Sara Shepard: I am obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars TV show so I thought that I would read the books, this is the first one and I am around half way through it at the moment. Season 1 of the TV show finished in the UK a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait for season 2!
DKNY Purse: I have had this purse for ages now and it is still in one piece! I love DKNY accessories and have quite a few of their bags. I really liked the size and style of this purse.
Extra Ice Mints and Car Keys: There's not much I can really say about these 2 items! These are my favourite mints and I drive a Toyota if anyone is interested!

Hello Kitty Hairbrush: I purchased this mini hairbrush from Claire's Accessories a couple of weeks ago as I love anything from Hello Kitty!
Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File: I have to have a nail file in my bag as I hate it when my nails chip or split when I am out and there is nothing that I can do about it! This file is really good and I love that it comes in its own little case as it stops any of the left over nail dust from going all over your bag!
Hello Kitty Melon Lip Balm: I got this lip balm from H & M in Manchester last week, I didn't really need another lip balm but I got sucked in by the leopard print Hello Kitty packaging!
Carex Hand Gel: Wherever I go I have to carry hand gel with me! I hate getting dirty hands!

Pout Make-up Bag: I purchased this make up bag several years ago from Pout cosmetics which I think no longer exists! It is such a nice size and is made from really soft materials, I also love the colour and pattern.
MAC Lipsticks: I usually carry around 3 lipsticks with me, a pink, a red and a more neutral one and these change from month to month. I like to have this choice in my bag so that I can change my lipstick on the go according to my mood! This month's 3 lipsticks are Marquise'd from the Wonder Woman collection, Barcelona Red and Please Me.
MAC Prep and Prime Lip: I love MAC's Prep and Prime Lip and have been through several tubes of it. I definitely notice a difference as to how long my lip colour stays in place when I have this on, compared to when I don't.
MAC Lip Pencils: I always like to line and fill in my lips before applying lipstick as I think it makes a big difference as to how easily your lipstick goes on and how long it stays put. Obviously I match my pencils to the lipsticks I have in my bag, I used Subculture with Marquise'd, Chicory with Barcelona Red and Dervish with Please Me.
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Sweetheart: I am more of a lipstick person than a lipgloss person but this is my most worn gloss so I always like to have it with me! It looks great on it's own or over a neutral or pink lipstick.
Stila Eyeliner in Topaz: This is a flesh toned eyeliner that I use in the water line if I feel that I look a bit tired, it also makes a great change from my regular black liner.
MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl: Smoulder Eye Kohl is my favourite black eyeliner and I wear it all of the time especially on my waterline.
ELF Blotting Sheets: I suffer with quite a lot of shine on my t-zone, cheeks and chin so I always like to have a pack of blotting sheets in my bag.
Chanel Compact Mirror: OK so I know that this one is a bit of a show off item but I love it! I bought it over 10 years ago and had wanted it for ages! Inside it has a plain mirror on one side and a magnified one on the other which is really handy.

So there are the contents of my bag! I hope that you have enjoyed having a nosy!
Maz x

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