Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hi Everyone!
I have recently purchased the Original 88 color eye shadow palette from Coastal Scents and thought that I would share it with you all. My reason for buying this palette is that I am training to be a make up artist and need as many eye shadow colours that I can get my hands on to practice. I do own quite a large collection of MAC and Urban Decay shadows but I am saving them for my portfolio pictures at the end of the course. I was drawn to this palette for several reasons, one being that it has every colour you can think of, secondly the affordable price (88 shadows for less than £24) and lastly because I have seen Coastal Scents palettes refereed to on YouTube so many times! CS is not a brand that is all that well known in the UK but is becoming increasingly more available through online retailers such as Amazon UK.

So on to the palette itself, it is made from black plastic and has a snap-shut lid. The inside of the lid features a handy mirror and 2 double ended eye shadow applicators. There are 88 shadows which are all roughly the size of a 5 pence coin. There is a massive selection of colours going from neutral shades on the left into browns, greens, blues, pinks, purples, orange, golds, reds, silvers, greys and finally blacks so the amount of looks that you can create are pretty much endless. Here are some close up pictures of the shadows for you:

I swatched a selection of the shadows for you and tried to include a wide variety of shades, some of the shadows have a high level of pigmentation and some are more sheer which I like.

Most of the shadows have matte finishes but a few have more of a satin finish which is great as it reduces the chance of having any fall out which is a massive plus point if you are short on time or inexperienced at applying eyeshadow.
Overall, I think that this palette is great value for money (even better in the US due to the lower price) and is ideal for a make-up artist, student or general enthusiast. It would also make an ideal gift for someone who is just getting into makeup and building their collection. I read on a few online sites that the glue that holds the shadow pans in place is a little weak and some may fall out over time but I can not comment on this as I have only had the palette for about a week.
I purchased my palette from Amazon for £23.99 and you can also get it from the Coastal Scents website for $18.99.
Maz x

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