Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Superdrug Peppermint & Tea Tree Range

Hi Everyone!
I really wanted to share a range of skincare products with you all that I really like. It is the Superdrug Peppermint and Tea Tree Collection, I have tried several of the products so far and love them, I love the fresh, minty smell and my skin is definitely looking clearer. All of the products are really reasonably priced and easy to find here in the UK. Superdrug claim that Tea Tree oil is a natural antibacterial agent that has antiseptic and healing properties and Peppermint has a therapeutic effect on skin disorders and has a cooling sensation. Here are my thoughts and opinions on the products from the range that I have tried so far.
Face Masks (89p Approx): I have managed to get into the routine of applying a face mask once a week to give my skin a deep clean. The Tea Tree and Peppermint range offers both a peel off (pictured above) and a rinse off mud mask. I have tried both and really like them. You apply a thin, even layer of either mask to clean skin and then wait around 15-20 minutes until the mask has thoroughly dried and then remove it. The rinse off mask has a thicker consistency and is easier to apply but more messy to remove where as the peel off mask has a stiffer, more gel like consistency which is more difficult to apply but peels off with a minimum amount of fuss! As I have mentioned, I have tried them both and have found the results for each one to be the same, since using them I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin that my friends and family have noticed! I also love the fresh, tingly feeling that these masks give your skin when you are wearing them!

Spot Stick (£2.99): This is my most recent purchase from the collection, this spot stick claims to have anti bacterial properties that can help to clear up your blemishes quickly and effectively. It is a light green liquid and has similar packaging and application to a MAC lipgloss. I have only been using this product for around 5 days now, I applied it to a blemish before I went to bed and noticed a difference in the morning, the blemish had definitely reduced in size and was less red which was great. So far so good!

Nose Strips (£3.99): The nose strips are a little pricier than some of the other products in the range (5 in a pack) which is a bit of a negative point. You apply these strips after washing you face to a damp nose and leave them on for around 10-12 minutes until the strip has hardened, you then peel them off gently and any bacteria on your nose from white or blackheads will remain on the strip leaving cleaner pores on your nose. I have only tried this product once and I have to admit that my nose is fairly clear but the strip did remove some dirt and the skin on my nose feels much clearer afterwards, I would certainly recommend giving them a try if you suffer from blackheads on your nose.

Facial Scrub (£2.99): This is one of my favourite items from the range, it is a thick, creamy facial scrub that contains walnut shell granules to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oils from your skin. I love to use this in the bath at the end of the day because you really feel that your face has had a deep clean. It also leaves your skin feeling super smooth and refreshed. Big thumbs up for this product which has replaced my more expensive daily facial scrub.
Foaming Face Wash (£2.99): This is the first product that I tried from the range and I love it! I like to use it to wash my face in the morning as it leaves my face feeling very refreshed, clean and awake. It has a very light consistency and is easy to rinse off which is great in the morning!

There are lot's more to products to try in this range there are packs of 25 facial wipes which are £2.99, a facial wash £2.99, Cleansing Pads £2.99, a cleanser/toner £2.99, a moisturiser £2.99 and blended tea tree oil £2.99 so there are lot's of products to choose from and I will definitely be trying out some more soon. A mentioned before these products are all reasonable priced and very good value for money. My mum has also tried them out and found that they have really improved her skin too. Overall this range is definitely worth a try and I hope that you have found this post useful.
You can purchase the range from Superdrug stores in the UK or click here for their online store.
Maz x


  1. Can these be purchased online? I've tried their facial scrub, foaming face wash and facial maask once and I loved it. Unfortunately, I never saw them again.

  2. hi, where to order the mud mask? its awesome

  3. Hi, have u tried the toner??

  4. BTW, I tried the peel off mask, too, it was so awesome.



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