Friday, 16 September 2011

Jesse's Girl Julie G Nail Polish Collection Swatches & Review

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to share this collection of nail polishes with you all! I am a big fan of Julie G 713 on YouTube (click here to visit her channel) she is an amazing beauty guru who regularly posts beauty, nails and fashion posts. She recently teamed up with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics to launch her own range of limited edition nail polishes which she designed and named herself and I have purchased the entire collection. Jesse's Girl Cosmetics is a really fun and affordable brand which is readily available to buy in the US but not so well known here in the UK however the website does offer international shipping.

(L to R) Girls Night Out, Cupcake Frosting, Stiletto, Beauty Guru

(L to R) Fashion Friday, Mermaid's Lagoon, Party Dress, All Things Girly

Here are the descriptions of the polishes:

Stiletto: This is a neutral grey-taupe shade, Julie is a big fan of shoes which is why she named this polish Stiletto!
Party Dress: This is another orange colour and is named after a dress that Julie owns and is her favourite colour.
Mermaids Lagoon: This is a stunning turquoise colour and is named after one of Julie's favourite make up tutorial.
Girls Night Out: This is a creamy dark blue and is named as she loves a girls night out, this is one of my favourites from the collection.
Fashion Friday: Julie usually posts fashion videos on a Friday so that is how this polish got its name, it is a beautiful purple shade that is very similar to the background that Julie has during her videos.
Cupcake Frosting: This is my favourite name from the collection and is a lovely, girly pink shade and is also named after one of her tutorials.
Beauty Guru: This one gets its name as Julie is a beauty guru and it is a lovely orange colour.
All Things Girly: This is a soft coral colour named because her channel is very girly!

Here are the swatches of the polishes:

(L to R) Cupcake Frosting, Fashion Friday, Girls Night Out, Mermaid's Lagoon

(L to R) Stiletto, All Things Girly, Beauty Guru, Party Dress
I was really impressed with how well the polishes applied especially for their low cost. All of the polishes were fully opaque after 2 coats and dried evenly and smoothly. I think that these polishes are a must have if you are a fan of Julie G like me but even if you aren't the polishes are gorgeous colours and great quality for the price. There are 8 individual colours in total that cost $3.99 each and the entire collection is priced at $25. You can purchase them from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Online and in Rite Aid stores across the US.

Maz x

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  1. wow!!!! I love these colours! and how they shine on your nails :D lovely!



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