Monday, 12 September 2011

MAC Face & Eye Brushes

Hi Everyone!
I shared my Sigma Face and Eye Brush collection with you all a couple of months ago and the posts where pretty popular so I decided to share my MAC brushes with you too. I own quite a few of the eye brushes but only 3 face brushes so I have put them all in the same post for you. MAC brushes are very expensive and are an investment buy. I really believe that good brushes do a lot of the work for you when it comes to applying make up. Most of mine are a few years old and have been used and washed over and over again and always perform well. I have never found any real problems with shedding of the hairs either. Obviously I do not own the entire range of MAC brushes but these are the ones that I do own!
(L to R) 208, 213, 217, 222
208 Angled Brow Brush: The 208 brush is a really small angled brow brush that applies your powder brow products really well, it is also suitable  for applying eyeliner to the lashline too due to its synthetic/ natural bristle mix. 
213 Fluff Brush: This brush is used for applying eyeshadow to the lid, the brush is quite fluffy so I wouldn't recommend using it to apply loose pigments as you will get quite a lot of fallout. I like to use the 213 brush to apply a wash of colour using a shadow such as MAC Brule as a base.
217 Blending Brush: The 217 brush is my favourite brush to use for applying colour into your crease. It is oval shaped and slightly tapered which gives you excellent control.
222 Tapered Blending Brush: The 222 brush is similar to the 217 but, as you can see from the picture above, it is slightly longer and narrower which provides you with extra control when applying colour to your crease. Due to the brush's bristles being quite tightly packed together, the brush puts down more colour than the 217 but does not blend it out as well.

(L to R) 224, 219, 239
224 Tapered Blending Brush: The 224 is a fluffy blending brush and is one of my favourite brushes. Nothing blends out eyeshadow like the 224! I also like to use it to apply a sheer wash of colour to my lid or to build up a crease colour.
219 Pencil Brush: This is a really great brush and essential for any kit in my opinion. The pencil shaped tip is great for applying and smudging out eyeliner, applying precise colour to the crease, darkening your outer corner/ v area and is also great at applying a highlight colour to your inner eye area.
239 Eye Shader Brush: The 239, in my opinion, is the best brush amongst any brand for packing colour onto your lid. The bristles are tightly packed together and narrow out at the top which also makes it great for applying colour to the lower lashline. This would be the first brush that I would recommend buying from MAC.

(L to R) 242, 252, 227

242 Shader Brush: The 242 brush does a similar job to the 239 but is slightly smaller. It has synthetic bristles which makes it brilliant at applying emollient based products such as cream eyeshadows (e.g. paint pots) as well as your regular pressed ones.
252 Large Shader Brush: The 252 is a larger version of the 242 brush. It is great at applying all over colour to your lid, especially if you are in a rush and also doubles up as a great concealer brush.
227 Large Fluff Brush: The 227 brush is pretty big for an eye brush but blends out eyeshadows really well. I like to use it to apply my highlight shade to my brow bone and also to neaten up the lines of my shadow. It is also large enough to use to apply highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones.


(L to R) 109, 129, 150
109 Small Contour Brush: The 109 brush is a really cute, little, round brush that is great to use when contouring your cheekbones, it's size and shape are perfect for fitting underneath the cheekbones and the dense hairs mean that it buffs the product into your skin really well and effortlessly.
129 Powder/ Blush Brush: The 129 brush is my favourite brush for applying blush. It applies and blends it well, however I must say that I prefer the comparable Sigma brush (the F10) to the 129 brush as I find that the bristles are much softer and fan out better which makes blending you blush powder much easier. Sorry MAC!
150 Large Powder Brush: This is a really big brush that is ideal for apply pressed or loose face powders. I use it to apply both my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and my Smashbox Halo Powder and it applies both really well. I do, however, have to again say that I prefer the Sigma (F30) equivalent to the 150 as the bristles are softer and slightly fuller.

Overall, I have to say that I love my MAC brushes and due to their high price you have to see them as an investment. They all perform really well and you can usually tell the difference between them and some cheaper brands of brushes. An amazing, cheaper range of brushes are from Sigma (click here to read my Sigma Eye brushes post and click here to read my Sigma Face brushes post).
You can purchase MAC brushes online from the UK and US websites and also MAC stores and counters.
Maz x


  1. Nice collection! I love MAC brushes too. <3

  2. @D.Sadie: Yeh they are amazing! Just wish that we weren't so expensive!



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