Friday, 8 July 2011

Essie Van D'Go - Review & Swatch

Van D'go

Hi Everyone!
This week's nails of the week (Starring my best friend Charlie's hand!) is Van D'Go nail polish by Essie which was from their Spring 2010 collection.
Essie describe this polish as a 'peachy keen shade' which is accurate. It is a beautiful pastel-peach shade with a hint of pink which is ideal for those hot summer days (we are still waiting for these over here in England!) I applied two coats of the polish to Charlie's hand. We had good coverage after one coat but it was a little patchy in places so two coats were needed for the polish to be fully opaque. The lacquer formula is quite thick but is easy to work with and didn't take too long to dry.

(Note: The polish in the swatch above is shown without a top coat).
I purchased this polish from Look Fantastic for £9.95 and you can also get it from Amazon here: Van D'go
Overall I would give this polish 4 and a half stars out of 5.
Maz x

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