Friday, 1 July 2011

Chanel Paradoxal - Review & Swatch

Chanel Le Vernis Paradoxal 509 LIMITED EDITION FALL 2010

Hi Everyone!
This week's nails of the week is Paradoxal by Chanel. I fancied a change from my usual bright summer polishes so I thought that I would give this cult polish a try. This is such a unique colour that has to be seen in real life to truly be appreciated. The application was smooth and easy and the brush is much thinner than an OPI brush, quite similar to an Essie brush, which, I find, makes it much easier to apply. The polish was totally opaque after 2 coats.

I would describe the polish as highly pigmented grey/ taupe/ violet which sounds a little crazy but it is so unique, sophisticated and beautiful. Indoors you mainly see the taupe/ grey colour but outside you can really pick up the violet sparkle.
As this polish is by Chanel it is very expensive (£17.50 in the UK). I think it is worth splashing out on as it is such an unusual colour, I have researched and no other brand has made a close dupe as yet.
You can get it from Amazon here:Chanel Le Vernis Paradoxal 509 LIMITED EDITION FALL 2010
I will give this 4 and a half stars out of 5.
Maz x
P.S.Apologies once again for the sloppy painting, I was in a rush!

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