Monday, 25 July 2011

Lauren Luke Make up Brushes

Hi Everyone!
I am sure that many of you have heard of Lauren Luke aka Panacea81 from YouTube and love her videos. She has recently launched her own professional brush range of 8 brushes that can either be purchased as a set of 8 or individually. These brushes look amazing quality for the price.
I have purchased 2 of her brushes so far, the Flat Eye Shadow Brush (£8) and the Pencil Brush (£7.50). I, like many of you, already have a large number of brushes from MAC, Sigma and Crown so don't really need more brushes but I always think that you can never have too many flat shader and pencil brushes as those are the ones that I use the most!

The Flat Eyeshadow Brush: This is a similar size to the MAC 239, the brush head is roughly the same size and shape as the 239 but not quite as densely packed in my opinion. The brush is slightly shorter than the 239. It packs on colour really well but I felt that it didn't feel quite as soft as the 239 brush on my skin.
The Pencil Brush: Again, this brush is slightly shorter in length than its MAC comparable, the 219. The brush head is a similar size to the 219 but is slightly more pointed which is great for precision application.
Lauren also offers the following brushes:
Angled Liner brush £6.60
Blending Eye Shadow Brush £8.50
Flat Contour Brush £10.50
Foundation Brush £12
Large Powder Brush £13
Tapered Blending Brush £9
The Full Set of 8 Brushes £67.50
As you can see the prices are on the slightly lower end of the market for what you would expect to pay for professional quality brushes which makes them a winner for me! I felt that the 2 brushes that I own are not quite as good quality as the MAC alternatives but the lower price really makes up for that!
You can purchase the brushes here and I am pretty sure that they ship them worldwide.
Please let me know what you think if you have also bought them.
Maz x

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