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Top 5 Contour Powders

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Contouring has really taken off in recent years, we all want sharper cheekbones and more defined features in general but even if you master the method of application the tools and products that you use have a massive affect on the outcome! The most read post on my blog is my top contour powders (click here to read this). As this post was written back in 2012 I thought I would update you with my favourite and most used powders. I prefer to contour using a powder rather than a cream, I find it quicker and easier. I often use a bronzer to bronze and contour as this speeds up the process however, if you wish to do this be careful that you select a bronzer with little shimmer and definitely no glitter! So onto my pick of what's out there! Those of you who have read my precious post will spot that three of the powders are the same as in 2012 which must say something pretty good about them!

Benefit Hoola

BENEFIT HOOLA: This is a very popular bronzing powder and I think that it's great! It's highly versatile and can be used to both bronze and contour. It has a slightly red undertone which is great for those of us with pink skin-tones.
You can purchase it from Feel Unique for £23.50

Anastasia Fawn
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS CONTOUR POWDER IN FAWN: This is a powder specifically designed to contour the face and can be found in the Anastasia contour kit and also in single pan. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the kit that Fawn is found in but I found that out of the three contour shades in the palette this suits my skin tone (MAC NW20) the best. It applies evenly and blends well for a natural, but defined finish. This is the powder that I use the most!
You can purchase it from Beauty Bay for £14

MAC Harmony
MAC HARMONY: This powder was also featured in my 2012 post and I still use it a lot. It's actually a blush rather than a contour powder which gives it a slightly pink undertone and, therefore, aids when blending into my pink skin tone.
You can purchase it from MAC for £15

Sleek Contour Kit
SLEEK CONTOUR KIT IN 884 LIGHT: This kit is great and was also featured in my last contouring blog post! Its affordable and does the job really well. It's slightly darker than the other powders featured in this post. The kit also comes with a highlight shade which makes it excellent for travel! This is also the most affordable of the five products featured in the post!
You can purchase it from Feel Unique for £6.49

Maybelline Master Sculpt
MAYBELLINE MASTER SCULPT CONTOURING PALETTE IN 01 LIGHT MEDIUM: Drugstore/ high street brands, other than Sleek, where not really producing contouring powders back in 2012 when I wrote my original post and I am so pleased that they are now! This is my pick from the Boots and Superdrug brands! The contour powder is a beautiful shade and applies and blends well. The kit comes with a highlight shade which isn't so great but the kit is definitely worth the money for the contour shade alone! It's also the lightest shade of the bunch so would be great for those with really fair skin or those who are new to, or nervous about contouring!
You can purchase it from Look Fantastic for £6.99


(L to R) Hoola, Fawn, Harmony, Sleek Kit, Maybelline Master Sculpt
The tools that you apply a product with can often be as important as the products themselves in my opinion! Below there is a small selection of brushes that you can use to apply and/ or blend out your contour powder with...

(L to R) 109, Ita, 168
MAC 109: This is my favourite brush to apply contour with. Its small and dense so it applies the product accurately and then blends it well. If I were to recommend any brush it for this job it would be this one!
NARS ITA: This brush has become quite popular recently as Jaclyn Hill has used it! It's straight in shape which helps you to achieve a sharp contour. (Please note: The brush pictured above was purchased as part of a gift set which is why the handle is short)!
MAC 168: This is more a 'traditional' contour brush and is angled which helps some people to get the desired shaped along the cheek bones.
Note: I would suggested a small blending brush such as the MAC 224 to contour smaller areas such as the sides of the nose.
So if I had to pick just one product from the five mentioned above? It's a tough decision between Anastasia Fawn and the Sleek Contour Kit! Fawn is my most used contour, however, the sleek one is really good! So for value for money's sake I would say go for the Sleek Kit!
Have you found the perfect contour powder? Maybe you use a cream that you think is unbeatable? If so, please share them with me in the comments section below.
Maz x

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