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My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows

Hi Everyone!
As you can see from the picture above, I have a pretty large collection of MAC eyeshadows! They are amazing, there is a wide range of colours and finishes to suit everyone. I have lot's of shadows in my collection from various brands but the MAC ones have a special place in my heart! They are the first ones I purchased when I really got into make-up. Woodwinked was my first, followed by Satin Taupe and they are still used on a regular basis to this day! I have repurchased both of them several times! So when I sat down to write this post I wanted it to be a top 10 but I just couldn't select only 10! So here are my favourites!

(L to R) Nylon, Mythology, Swish, Expensive Pink, Star Violet,
Cranberry, Coppering, Woodwinked

(L to R) Nylon, Mythology, Swish, Expensive Pink, Star Violet, Cranberry, Coppering, Woodwinked

(L to R) Amber Lights, Sable, Antiqued, Plum Dressing, Fig 1
Sumptuous Olive, Knight Divine, Contrast

(L to R) Amber Lights, Sable, Antiqued, Plum Dressing, Fig 1, Sumptuous Olive, Knight Divine, Contrast
NYLON: Pale gold with icy shimmer (Frost). This is the perfect highlight for the inner corner. Its also beautiful when patted onto the centre of the lid to add brightness.
MYTHOLOGY: Copper (Lustre). I love my copper shades! This has a little fallout but it's worth it!
SWISH: Bright pink with icy shimmer (Frost). This has a pink base with a slight purple duochrome. I love to pear it with Pink Pearl pigment.
EXPENSIVE PINK: Pink with duochrome (Veluxe Pearl). This has brown elements to it and is so pretty worn alone, all over the lid.
STAR VIOLET: Pinky- brown plum (Veluxe Pearl). Gorgeous plum shade that you can pair with purples or browns.
CRANBERRY: Red- plum with pink shimmer (Frost). This is quite the cult shade! It can be a bit scary looking but it works well with browns!
COPPERING: Orange copper (Veluxe Pearl). I am a sucker for copper shades and this is one of the best!
WOODWINKED: Warm antique gold (Veluxe Pearl). This is a must have! It's a beautiful, easy to wear shade that's gold on the lid and blends out into a copper shade in the crease.
AMBER LIGHTS: Peachy- brown with shimmer (Frost). Another popular shade online!
SABLE: Gold- plum with bronze pearl (Frost).
ANTIQUED: Ash brown with bronze (Veluxe Pearl). This is one of my very shades! There's a beautiful redness to it!
PLUM DRESSING: Pinky- plum with metal (Veluxe Pearl). The perfect shade that's half way between pink and purple.
FIG 1: Eggplant purple (Matte). VERY pigmented! A must have if you love purple!
SUMPTUOUS OLIVE: Khaki with pearl (Veluxe Pearl). I love this all over the lid with a warm brown in the crease. Ideal if you want to try green but are a little nervous about it!
KNIGHT DIVINE: Black with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl). This is more grey than black to me and is ideal for a silver- grey smoky eye.
CONTRAST: Purplish- blue with blue pearl (Velvet). The perfect colour for a navy smoky eye.
Other honourable mentions have to go to All That Glitters, Satin Taupe and Club. I could have included them in the list above but I find there are other similar shadows in my collection of non- MAC shadows that I reach for more than them! They are beautiful though!
As I mentioned above, the shadows come in various finishes. I found an excellent guide to them here
You can purchase the shadows from the MAC website here. They are priced at £10 for the pro pans that I have and £13 for the regular containers.

What are your favourite MAC shadows? Please share them with me in the comments section below!

Maz x

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