Friday, 2 March 2012

Eye Kandy Cosmetics - Review & Swatches

Hi Everyone!
I am a big fan of xSparkage on YouTube and have seen her using Eye Kandy Cosmetics in some of her tutorials and thought that I'd give a couple of their products a go! Eye Kandy sell loose eyeshadow pigments and glitters plus a base to help the products to stick.

(L to R) Loose Glitter, Liquid Sugar, Applicator Brush

The first thing that I purchased was their starter kit which is priced at £23. This kit comes with their base which is called Liquid Sugar, an applicator brush and a loose pigment or glitter of your choice. The glitter base is great and not too runny. I have been using it to apply the glitters that I have purchased and with my loose eyeshadows from other brands. The brush is a little too thin and pointed for me so I prefer to use a larger, flatter, synthetic brush such as the MAC 249. I pick up a small amount of the glitter or pigment with my brush and place it into the lid, I then wet the brush slightly with the Liquid Sugar and press it into the product then apply to the eye using a patting motion. I choose one glitter as part of my starter kit plus another 3 colours which are priced at £6 each.
(L to R) Top: Cotton Candy, Honey Drop, Bottom: Sweet Tart, Candy Cane

Honey Drop: Butterscotch
Cotton Candy: Bubblegum Pink
Sweet Tart: Medium Purple
Candy Cane: Red-purple

Swatches shown on NW20 skin using the Liquid Sugar Base:

(L to R) Honey Drop, Cotton Candy, Sweet Tart, Candy Cane

The glitters are great and easy to apply when using the Liquid Sugar. I love that the colour you seen in the jar is the colour that you see on your eye. This brand is amazing and fairly reasonably priced! I love the glitters that I purchased and will definitely try out some of their loose eyeshadow pigments soon!
Please feel free to share any of your Eye Kandy product recommendations in the comments section below!
You can purchase Eye Kandy by clicking here.
Maz x

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