Friday, 9 March 2012

Malteaser Cupcakes

Hi Everyone!
This is a recipe that I have wanted to make for a while now and today I finally did! These cupcakes are made from a sponge cake containing malteasers and topped with a rich butter cream with crushed malteasers. Here's how to make them:

200g Softened Butter
150g Caster Sugar
50g Brown Sugar
2 drops of Vanilla Extract
4 Medium Eggs
200g Plain Flour
10g Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
80g Malteasers
Butter cream:
250g Butter
500g Icing Sugar
2 drops of Vanilla Extract
55g Malteasers, roughly crushed

1. Pre heat oven to 180C/ Gas Mark 4 and place cupcake cases in tray.
2. Cream the butter, caster sugar and brown sugar together in a large bowl until light and fluffy.
3. Add the vanilla followed by one egg at a time, whisking well.
4. Fold in the sifted flour, baking powder and salt.
5. Stir in the malteasers.
6. Divide the mixture up evenly between the cupcake cases and bake for around 25 minutes.

To make the butter cream:
1. Whisk the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract together in a bowl until pale and fluffy.
2. Spoon or pipe the butter cream on to the cakes and decorate with the crushed malteasers.

These cupcakes are gorgeous! The addition of the brown sugar in the sponge makes it even tastier and also gives it a more caramelised flavour. They are quite sickly and rich though so best left to the occasional treat!

I found this recipe on the UK TV website. The recipe states that it makes 12 cakes but I found I had extra mixture left over for another 3!
Maz x

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  1. These cupcakes look delicious! Thanks so much for sharing <3



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