Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blair's Gossip Girl Wedding Lip Gloss?

Hi Everyone!

I am such a big fan of the TV show Gossip Girl and loved the 100th episode which was recently shown here in the UK. Blair is my favourite character and I always love her make up on the show. In this episode we see her getting ready for her wedding using a large Chanel compact and applying a lip gloss in a gorgeous pink colour. As soon as I saw this scene I had to find out which lip gloss was used! As she was using a Chanel compact I immediately presumed that the lip gloss was by Chanel also but on closer inspection it looks like it wasn't! I researched this gloss quite a bit on the Internet and it looks likely that the gloss used was a Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in the colour Pink Pop so I purchased it and looking at it I would say it is pretty close even if it isn't the exact one!

Pink Pop, as the name suggests, is a bright pink colour and is nicely pigmented. I like the formula of this gloss and it's not too heavy or sticky and it applies smoothly. It also looks great worn on it's own and doesn't need a lipstick underneath in my opinion.


Overall this is a great quality lip gloss, especially for a drugstore brand, and is in a really nice colour. Whether or not it is the exact one worn by Blair at her wedding I can't be sure but it is a lovely gloss either way!

I purchased this lip gloss from Tiger Liley Cosmetics for £6.94
Maz x


  1. It is the exact one!

  2. Hi! Have u identified the name of that large Chanel compact??? cuz I really want a bigger mirror!!! thx!

  3. Unfortunately not no! Its is gorgeous though!



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