Thursday, 27 October 2011

Top 5 L'Oreal Products

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This is the latest in my series of top 5 products from various brands. L'Oreal is my favourite drugstore brand and I think that there products are such great quality and value for money. I usually buy my L'Oreal goods from Boots or Superdrug which regularly have 2 for 3 offers that are always worth waiting for.

1. Mascara:
L'Oreal mascaras are my favourite mascaras and I rarely use any other brand. They are really affordable and do such a great job. I tend to use the Telescopic Mascara during the day as it fans your lashes out really well and reaches the smaller lashes brilliantly, Telescopic doesn't give you a very dramatic effect which is ideal for during the day. I like to use Million lashes at night as it provides you with a much more dramatic, richer coloured affect. Both mascaras cost £11.29.

2. Colour Appeal Eyeshadow:
I really like these eyeshadows from L'Oreal, I own the Metal Plum and Platinum Silver colours and have repurchased both. They have great colour pay off  and blend well for a drugstore shadow and have a lovely metallic, frost finish. They are priced at £6.19 each.

3. True Match Foundation:
True Match is my every day foundation and one of the best I have ever tried. I first began using it around 12 months ago after watching a YouTube tutorial by Kandee Johnson, who is one of the best guru's in my opinion, she highly recommended it and said that she uses it on her clients. I find that it applies really well and blends into your skin effortlessly. Everyone should give this a go! It is currently priced at £9.99.

4. Super Liner:
This is one of my all time favourite eyeliners, it is much easier to use than other liquid liners as it has a pen-like tip which allows you to be much more precise. You get the ease of a pencil but the intensity of a liquid liner which I love. I also find that it dispenses just the right amount of product, doesn't run and dries quickly. I really can't say anything bad about it! This liner costs £6.49.

5. Infalible Foundation:
My mum is a big fan of this foundation and I really like it too! It gives you a fuller coverage than the True Match and is better suited to nights out for me or for more mature skin. It holds really well too (L'Oreal claim up to 16 hours) and evens out your skin tone. It is priced at £12.29.

You can purchase L'Oreal makeup from Boots and Superdrug. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my favourite 5 picks from Loreal, please check out my other top 5 posts by clicking on the brand names below,
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  1. This top 5 series is awesome! I've been wanting to buy L'Oreal makeup products for a while... and this post helps me a lot! :)



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