Monday, 31 October 2011

October Favourites

Hi Everyone!
Another month has passed by so quickly so it is time for my October favourites. These are the products that I have used often and loved over the last month so let's get started!

Inglot Products:
OK so anyone who has been reading my blog recently will know about my new Inglot obsession! I love to watch beauty videos on YouTube and read various online beauty blogs and the Inglot brand has popped up so many times and has an amazing reputation for offering great quality products at affordable prices. I first looked into the brand last year and discovered that they only had one shop in the UK which was situated in London. I live in Manchester and don't get down to London very often so last month, when I discovered that Inglot now had a UK online ordering site I was thrilled! Look out for more Inglot reviews coming soon!

MAC Plum Dandy Lipstick:
Plum Dandy is now one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC. I have been a big fan of their Plumful lipstick for a while now as I think that it really suits me, however, it is quite a heavy lipstick and not one that I tend to wear during the day. Plum Dandy is a plum coloured lipstick, similar to Plumful, but has a bronze tint to it which tones it down and makes it much more wearable.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencil in Sin:
Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencils are so brilliant and Sin is the most recent edition to my collection. As I have been back at college this month I am wearing more neutral, subtle eyeshadow looks and this shade works so well as a base most days!

Christmas Nail Polishes:
There's 2 monthes to go before Christmas 2011 and many of the beauty brands have started to bring out their holiday collections (please hurry up MAC)! I love to look through all of the offerings and was immediately drawn to the Christmas nail polish collections from OPI and China Glaze. I must admit that I am a bit like a magpie when it comes to glittery nail polishes so these colours where right up my street and perfect for Christmas and New Year parties.

Chanel Chance Perfume:
This perfume is an oldie but a goody! I have a decent sized perfume collection which includes a few new editions but I always seem to revert back to Chanel's Chance! This is quite a heavy fragrance so I tend to wear it for nights out, I also have the matching body lotion!

Eyebrow Tinting:
I just had to add this one in! Even though I have fairly dark hair my skin is quite pale and my eyebrows are very light and look a bit odd! I have always filled them in with a pencil or an eyeshadow and brush but I have recently learnt how to tint eyebrows at college and it is so easy! It has made such a difference and I will never revert back to a pencil ever again! Please comment below if anyone would be interested in an eyebrow tinting tutorial!

TV Shows:
Finally I have to finish off this post by mentioning all of the amazing TV shows that are on at the moment! Autumn is always good for telly and this year is no exception! First of all I have to mention my favourite TV show ever, The Vampire Diaries which airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm on ITV2. The UK is a few weeks behind the US but I have been keeping up to date with the US via iTunes! I love the fast paced story lines, high drama and amazing characters that the Vampire Diaries offers (I am a huge Damon fan if anyone is interested!) I also want to mention the awesome Strictly Come Dancing which I look forward to every year (Team Russell!) and Gossip Girl which has just returned in the UK and is already brilliant!

So that concludes my favourites list for October 2011. I hope that you have enjoyed this post!
Maz x

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