Monday, 6 February 2012

NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses - Review & Swatches - Part 2

Hi Everyone!
This is the second post containing my NYX Mgea Shine Lipgloss collection! As I mentioned in part one, I really love these glosses! They come in a great varitey of colours and are really reasonably priced.

(Top to Bottom) Golden Pink, Nude Peach, Tea Rose, Ice Princess

(Top to Bottom) Pink Rose, African Queen, Gold

Golden Pink: Rosy pink with shimmer
Nude Peach: True peach
Tea Rose: Medium pink
Ice Princess: Nude pink
Pink Rose: Coral pink
African Queen: Purple tinted bright pink
Gold: Shinmmery gold

(L to R) Golden Pink, Nude Peach, Tea Rose, Ice Princess, Pink Rose, African Queen, Gold

I hope that you have enjoyed sharing my NYX lipgloss collection with me! Please check out part 1 of my collection for information about NYX retailers here in the UK by clicking here
Please feel free to share any NYX product recommendations with me in the comments section below.
Maz x

1 comment:

  1. Judging from the swatches, Nude Peach must be absolutely gorgeous! And African Queen! I wonder when I'll be getting some Nyx, hate to be bothered with ebay TBO :(



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