Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ciate Cookies & Cream Nail Polish - Review & Swatch

Hi Everyone!
I purchased my first ever bottle of nail polish from Ciate a couple of days ago in the colour 'Cookies and Cream' which is described by Ciate as an "Oyster cream for a complete trend setting variation on a nude finish". All of the reviews that I have read online about the brand have been positive and I had found a lot of love for this shade which prompted me to get it.

I began by applying 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy in Original to my nails followed by 2 coats of Cookies and Cream. I have to say that I found the brush fantastic! It has densely packed, flat bristles and a long handle which makes application a dream! The polish was a little sheer after the first coat but much better after the second. I found the finish to be a nice, almost opaque, smooth finish. I then finished off my manicure by applying a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.

Natural Light

Indoor Light

Overall I have to say that I really like this polish, this isn't a colour that I would usually pick out but I found it be be really sophisticated and chic and perfect for work. It is also a really easy manicure colour to choose as it would go perfectly with pretty much any outfit! I look forward to trying more of what Ciate has to offer!

You can purchase these polishes from Ciate for £9 each.
Maz x

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  1. Awww, these Ciate nail polish bottles! So vintage-looking and cute! I hope someday Ciate will arrive at our Sephoras, as I don't want to pay some freakin' shipping costs for nail polish... If it was a lipstick, I'd thought about it!

    Just found your blog hun, I love it! xx



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