Monday, 21 May 2012

Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All in One Artistry Palette - Review & Swatch

Hi Everyone!
I had quite a few points built up on my Debenhams Beauty Card so I thought that I'd treat myself to a high end beauty purchase! I have always looked at the Dior eyeshadow palettes and wanted to give them a try so I picked out the '5 Couleurs Artistry Palette in Green Design' which features 4 powder eyeshadows and a gel-based liner.

As you can see from the pictures above the packaging is beautiful and very expensive looking! The palette is glossy and clips shut and comes with 2 small applicators plus a decent sized mirror on the inside of the lid. It also includes a guide on how to apply the shadows.

I am really loving the colour green at the moment which is what drew me to this palette. The lower, left hand shadow is a flesh toned shade that is designed to be used all over the lid and crease as a base shadow and it works well for this. The centre shade is the lid colour and the upper, left shade is the darker, crease colour. The top right shadow is a shimmery shade that is designed to be patted on the centre of the lid to give the look more of a sparkle and to open the eyes. The final, lower, right hand shade is a dark, green gel-based liner which would also make a good all over base to help the shadows stick in my opinion.


As you can see, the liner shade, the main lid colour and crease colours are all really nicely pigmented and the other two shadows are much more subtle. The quality of these shadows is good and all 5 colours work well together, it's also really versatile as day and evening looks can easily be created using it. This palette is very expensive but is great as  a treat and brilliant for travelling. The green colour also look amazing on brown eyes!
You can purchase this palette from Debenhams for £40
Maz x

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