Monday, 19 December 2011

Sugarpill Chromalust Eyeshadow Pigments - Review & Swatches - Part 1

Hi Everyone!
I thought that it would be fun to share my collection of Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow Pigments with you all! I have a large collection of them, 16 to be exact, which I have accumulated over the years! I think that these pigments are amazing, they have great colour pay-off and are excellent value for money. The pigments come in an array of colours, some of which are super bright and quite hard to find elsewhere.

(L to R) Magentric, Junebug, Weekender, Starling

(L to R) Birthday Girl, Decora, Darling, Magpie
Birthday Girl: Sweet princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkles.
Darling: Stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts.
Decora: Delicious hot pink with iridescent bursts of green.
Junebug: Luxurious forest green with a burst of diamonds.
Magentric: Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen.
Magpie: Dramatic silky black with metallic blue sheen and turquoise sparkles.
Starling: Vibrant, metallic turquoise with intense sheen.
Weekender: Metallic blue- violet with intense sparkle and sheen.

(L to R) Top: Birthday Girl, Magentric, Bottom: Decora, Weekender

(L to R) Top: Darling, Junebug, Bottom: Starling, Magpie

Swatches shown on NW20 skin (without a base):

(L to R) Birthday Girl, Magentric, Decora, Weekender

(L to R) Darling, Junebug, Starling, Magpie

I apologise for the rather poor quality swatches, we are having pretty bad weather here in the UK at the moment and the lighting is proving to be a big problem!

I tend to apply the pigments using a flat eyeshadow brush such as a MAC 239, over a primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion and a base such as a MAC paint pot or NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil. There is quite a lot of glitter in some of the shadows so you have to be careful of any fall-out so I would recommend applying your face make-up after you have finished your eyes. The pigments also look amazing when applied wet using some MAC fix plus or Liquid Sugar by Eye Kandy for example, and the pigments then take on a high shine, metallic finish. The pigments have a lovely texture and are nice and soft and not gritty at all which I love, which means that they blend really well too.

You can purchase these products by visiting the official Sugarpill site by clicking here. I purchased my pigments from Love Make-up for £8.25 each, Cocktail Cosmetics for £8.45 each and Genie Cosmetics for £8.39 each.
Click here to read part 2 of the Sugarpill Chromalust Posts! Please let me know what you think of Sugarpill as a brand and the chromalusts in the comments section below!
Maz x

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