Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sigma Make Me Crazy Travel Brush Set

Hi Everyone!
I am sure that many of you know, I love, love, love Sigma brushes! I think that they are amazing quality and excellent value for money! I have a lot of their brushes and I have found them to be as good as, or in some cases better, than my MAC brushes. I decided to purchase one of their travel sets in purple which is called 'Make Me Crazy.' The set contains 7 brushes (3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes) in a gorgeous light and dark purple colour. The brushes come with a brilliant, unique container that makes a great holder to store your brushes at home and when travelling.

Make Me Crazy Box

Brush Holder (Fastened)

(L to R) F30, F40, F60, E40, E55, E30, E65

F30 Large Powder Brush: This is a large brush which is ideal for applying powder products to your face.
F40 Large Angled Contour Brush: A great brush for applying blush, highlighters and contouring powder.
F60 Foundation Brush: Use to apply liquid or cream foundation.
E40 Tapered Blending Brush: This is an amazing brush for blending out eyeshadows or for applying a sheer wash of colour to the lid. This is one of my favourite eye brushes from Sigma.
E55 Eye Shading Brush: This is a great densely packed, flat shader brush which is perfect for packing colour onto the lid.
E30 Pencil Brush: Pencil brushes are great for defining the outer V area of your lid and for smudging colour along your lower and upper lashlines.
E65 Small Angle Brush: This is a small angled brush which would be great for applying gel eyeliner, colour to the lashlines and for filling in your eyebrows.

(L to R) F30, F40, F60

(L to R) E40, E55, E30, E65

The brush selection that comes with this set is great and contains everything that you need to create your perfect makeup look. The brush handles are quite a bit shorter than the normal line but that can actually help with your application precision. I especially love the colour of the brushes as they really stand out from my other brushes. This set is perfect for travelling or for if you want a few back up brushes to use when your normal brushes are waiting to be cleaned!
Sigma also produce this set in coral, aqua and black and also in full size sets rather than travel sized. I purchased my brush set from Cocktail Cosmetics for £49.95 and you can get them from Sigma by clicking here.
Maz x

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