Saturday, 28 July 2012

How to Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Hi Everyone!
If, like me, you love glitter nail polishes but hate how difficult they are to remove then you will definitely appreciate this simple method that I have found to remove them!

You will need:
Nail polish remover (100% pure Acetone will work best)
Cotton wool pads/ rounds
Tin/ Aluminium Foil

1. Begin by applying some nail polish remover to a cotton wool round and place on 1 finger, over the nail.
2. Wrap a strip of tin foil around that nail to hold the cotton wool round onto your nail, making sure that it is firmly in place over the nail.
3. Repeat the above 2 steps for each nail.
4. Wait for around 5 minutes.
5. Twist and pull each wrap of your nails and the glitter polish will come away from the nail easily.
6. Use another cotton wool round to remove any excess glitter polish left behind on your nails.

And there you go! A simple and effective way of removing glitter polish without scrubbing away at your nails!
I hope you found this useful!
Maz x

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