Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Palette Tag!

Hi Everyone!
I recently did the lip product tag and really enjoyed it so I thought that I would do the palette tag! This was a really tough one but I think I have made some good choices!

1. Best Packaging:
NARS Narsissist Palette
This palate seems to have mixed reviews online but I like it! I have given this the award for best packaging as it's compact, sleek and the mirror is an excellent size. You can purchase the palette from NARS here

2. Best Colour Pay-off:

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
OK, so I admit that I may be a little bit in love with this palette! It's brilliant and the colour pay-off is brilliant across all shadows. You can read my review of it here

3. Most Versatile:
Urban Decay Naked 1
This was an easy choice and I am sure that this palette is amoungst everyone's favourites! This is the first and, in my opinion, the best. You can read my full review of it here and you can purchase it from Amazon here:
Urban Decay Naked 1 Makeup Palette Cosmetics Professional Eye Shadow

4. Best for Travelling:
Urban Decay Naked Basics
This is a great, compact palette which has everything you need in one small case. I have heard that the second version of this palette will be out soon and will include cooler toned shades. You can purchase it from Amazon here:

5. Biggest Regret:

Urban Decay Book of Shadows
I really like Urban Decay eyeshadows however, the packaging of any of the Book Of Shadows is so large that I never seem to reach for them! They are always kept at the bottom of my drawers which is a shame! Travelling is also out of the question which is a shame because the product itself is good!

6. Best Colour Names:

Too Faced Chocolate Bar and The Balm Nude Tude
I just couldn't decided between these two! The chocolate bar themed names of the Too Faced palette are brilliant and the Nude Tude names are so funny! It's a tie! You can read my full review of The Balm palette by clicking here and you can purchase it from Amazon here:
The Balm 12 Eyeshadow Palette - Nude'tude

7. Least Used:

Inglot palettes

As with the UD book of shadows, I really like the shadows but they are so pigmented and the colour pay off is so great that they can be a bit difficult to work with. Also I have mine in the large pan palettes which are quite chunky and heavy which means that I don't seem to reach for them quite as much as some of the others!

8. Most Used/ Loved/ Desert Island

Urban Decay Naked 1 and Too Faced Chocolate Bar

You may have spotted a theme here! I love both of these palettes so much! The eyeshadows in both palettes are great quality with excellent pay off. The variety of colours in the Too Faced palette give it the edge for me other the UD one but I have used the Naked 1 palette so many times that I had to include it here!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, please feel free to share the link to your blog in the comments section below if you have also done the tag. Please also let me know if you want any full reviews of the any of the products mentioned above if I haven't already done them!

Maz x

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