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Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatches

Hi Everyone!
It's here! It's finally here! Obviously I am talking about the long awaited Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay which has just been released at Debenhams here in the UK! I loved the first/ original Naked Palette (click here to read my review) and was very excited when I heard that a second Naked Palette was in the making!
This palette is of a similar size to the first one but is made from a tin-like material rather than the faux velvet covered card. The lid closes shut much more firmly than the first. There is a decent sized mirror on the inside of the lid and a compartment to store the brush in.

Foxy: Pale, matte beige - This makes a great highlighter colour for my skin (MAC NW20).

Half Baked: Coppery brown with golden shimmer sheen - I love this colour and it is also in the first Naked Palette.

Bootycall: Peachy white-beige - This is another great highlight colour, depending on your skintone. I also like to use it all over the lid for a bright, daytime look.

Chopper: Medium orange-red toned brown with copper shimmer - I love this colour but it is quite flaky to apply. This is also in the Ammo palette  and is apparently one of Kim Kardashian's favourite shadows!

Tease: Mauve brown - I really like this medium brown colour and that it has a matte finish.

Snakebite: Dark brown with golden shimmer - This is a little similar to Darkhorse from the first Naked Palette but not as good in my opinion.

Suspect Champagne-bronze - This makes a great all over lid colour.

Pistol: Gray-brown - This is a great cool toned colour which helps to separate the two Naked palettes.

Verve: Pale beige-gray - This is a really shimmery, frosty shade which looks nice as an inner corner highlighter or when used on the centre of the lid to brighten up your look.

YDK: Coppery red-toned medium brown - This is a gorgeous frosty shade which looks great when used all over the lid for a more heavy, nighttime look.

Busted: Deep red-brown with golden undertones - This makes a great crease colour and smokes out well.

Blackout: Matte black - I love to have a matte black in an eyeshadow palette. This one is also in the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette.


(L to R) Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite

(L to R) Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

I am really impressed with the brush that comes with the palette as, I have found that many brushes that come with eyeshadow palettes are of pretty poor quality but this isn't! One end of the brush flat and has densely packed bristle which pack on the colour really well and the other end is much fuller and fluffier and great for applying crease colour and blending

Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked

The Lip Junkie Lipgloss comes in a mini sized and is described as 'Sheer neutral pink with white micro shimmer'. The gloss has a mint scent which is great for giving you fresher breath! To keep in with the 'Naked' theme I decided to get the Naked lipstick to! I have seen this used on a YouTube tutorial and really liked the look of it!

Urban Decay Naked Lipstick

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss


(Lto R) Naked Lipgloss, Naked Lipstick

Overall, I have to say that this palette did not disappoint! The shadows are all great quality and nicely pigmented. The palette has more cool toned and gray shadows than the first Naked palette does. So the burning question is: Do you need both? Well I think that if you liked the first palette you'll like this one! If you only want the one, I would perhaps go for this one, as you get 2 great highlighter shades and a matte black plus a selection of really nice gold, bronze and gray shades.

I purchased my palette from Debenhams for £36 and you can also purchase it from the official Urban Decay website for $50.
Maz x

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