Thursday, 30 June 2016

Morphe Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi Everyone
Today I wanted to share my collection of Morphe shadows with you. I only have 9 but I really like them! As a fan of YouTube videos and especially Jaclyn Hill, I've heard a lot about this brand. They are very reasonably priced and offer large palettes and also single shadows like the ones I have. These shadows come in individual magnetic pans so you can add them to a palette. The shadows are the same sized as MAC shadows.
I purchased 9 fairly neutral shades...
1st Row (L to R): Deep Skin, Spice, Caramelized
2nd Row (L to R): Glisten, Pink Moscato, Dazzling
3rd Row (L to R): Bridesmaid, Burlesque, Deep Cocoa
(L to R): Deep Skin, Spice, Caramelized, Glisten, Pink Moscato, Dazzling, Bridesmaid, Burlesque, Deep Cocoa
Deep Skin (ES13): Soft gold- peach with pearl. Satin finish.
Spice (ES14): Vivid orange. Matte finish.
Caramelized (ES15): Golden orange brown. Matte finish.
Glisten (ES54): Peachy gold with shimmer. Lustre finish.
Pink Moscato (ES76): Rose- beige champagne. Shimmer finish.
Dazzling (ES47): Golden apricot. Shimmer finish.
Bridemaid (ES16): Soft muted rosy brown. Satin finish.
Burlesque (ES74): Copper. Shimmer finish.
Deep Cocoa (ES24): Intense reddish brown. Matte finish.
Overall the shadows are great quality for the price. The matte shades apply and blend well, especially spice which makes an excellent transition shade for the crease. My favourite shadow from the palette is Pink Moscato, it's one of those easy to wear shades and is similar to Stila Kitten and MAC All That Glitters. They wear fairly well too, perhaps not as well as Anastasia Beverley Hills shadows but not bad at all!
These shadows retail for $2.29 each in the US and can be purchased from the Morphe website. I purchased them from Beauty Chamber here in the UK for £2.35 each.
Maz x

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